Training tips for 5.30 walkers and runners

To highlight the importance of daily physical exercise, we put together some tips that will help you prepare for 5.30 Brighton.

Whether you run or walk, we love your diverse attitude toward the event.

Many of you walk the entire 5k enjoying the early morning atmosphere of the city, some of you speed to the finish line like Olympians to get to work on time, and others reach the end of the group at the last minute having woken up late : )

Some of you enjoy a solitary run, some fancy chatting with their friends along the way, and many more can’t resist taking a selfie with the city’s landmarks in the background.

What we love most though is that no matter the ability, everyone who joins 5.30 carries a big smile on their face! To help you enjoy even more the 5.30 experience, we thought to set out fitness goals so you can best prepare for the event in July.

For the runners, the goal is 5 min 30 sec per km (8 min 51 sec per mile). For the walkers, the goal is to reach the breakfast station in 53 minutes.

In the following weeks, we’ll share video tips for all of you, a mix of simple physical exercises to boost your fitness level.

Have a super week!

Team 5.30