See you at 5:30am with a spring in your step

Exercise does wonders for your health, enhances your well-being, and puts more living into your daily routine. Physical activity early in the morning, before starting the day, has a powerful effect on your quality of life.

Early morning exercise allows you to:

Enjoy a magical moment. Setting your alarm clock early, getting out of bed when the rest of the house is still quiet and the city is fast asleep, and heading outside for a nice sunrise run is one of the great pleasures of life. You’ve got to live it to believe it!

Starting off right. Getting up in the calmness of the early morning, and getting a light workout–a walk or a nice 5km run–is a perfect way to start the day and get in tune with nature and your natural rhythms: our bodies are wired to welcome the daylight!

Early morning exercise also gives you:

Good hormones and a better mood. Starting off the morning with exercise gives you a natural rush with endorphins– hormones that give you a lift that lasts throughout the entire day!

Positive emotions. Getting up early and going for a run while the city around you is still sleeping is a beautiful experience. It’s exciting, like an early morning field trip. It doesn’t take much to make us happy!

A clear conscience. Getting your daily exercise out of the way in the morning means you won’t have to worry about it later in the day, causing you stress if you’re short on time in the afternoon.

Great self-esteem. Meeting your goals improves your self-esteem. Think of all the times we plan to go for a run or a swim, but get sidetracked by other things. Days go by, and our resolve wavers. Setting your alarm clock early and getting out there before you head to work means meeting 100% of your goals.

A spring in your step. The difference between running and walking lies in that brief moment in which your feet leave the ground; for a second you are in flight, and this stimulates your mind and body. Walking is also stimulating since you are in motion, moving toward your goals. Whether you’re running or walking, you are putting a spring in your step, and building momentum that will carry you throughout the entire day.