“Salted caramel” ?

If you fancy something to satisfy your sweet tooth, go ahead and read today’s recipe! We all know that it’s best to avoid sugar and to eat sweets in moderation, but sometimes we really crave sweetness. Here’s a creamy and delicious recipe using natural sugar, with no animal fats or additives.


The flavour is similar to salted caramel & I love it on a slice of bread or fruit for breakfast, but I also use it as a natural sweetener inside smoothies. It’s an unexpectedly good salad dressing and you can eat it with carrot sticks too! I’d love to hear what you think of it. 🙂 




Medjool dates, 200 gr

Almonds, 40 gr

Lemon juice, 2 small spoons

Maldon sea salt flakes, 1/3 small spoon


Dehydrated coconut (5-6 slices)



• Soak the dates in water for 4 hours

• Rinse the dates, keeping the water on the side

• Once all stones have been removed from the dates, put the pulp inside a hand-blender together with all the other ingredients

• Blend and add a spoonful of water used to soak the dates, until you reach the desired consistency: dense like a spreading cream or more fluid to garnish

• Put the cream inside a glass jar – with airtight lead

• You can keep it inside the fridge at a temperature of 4°C up to a week