Perfect Meals: Salmon with buckwheat and fresh leaves

This is a super tasty meal, with different textures and flavours: the smoothness of the buckwheat, the bitterness of the green leaves and the smokiness of the salmon.

Combining a variety of flavours (and colours) within the same meal has many positives for your body and system. It ensures a mix of nutrients, vitamins and of course should taste fantastic!

Let’s take a closer look at each ingredient of this perfectly balanced meal.

Smoked salmon is a great source of Healthy Fats, Omega 3 and Vitamin D. If you have the time to cook it, we suggest using a fresh salmon fillet, which has an even higher amount of nutrients. But smoked salmon is perfect when you’re in a hurry.

Spinach is packed with Iron, helping restore energy and increase vitality.  It’s also full of Vitamin A, C and K which helps hydrate the skin, making it healthier and glowing.

Lettuce is full of Antioxidants, which help the body fight damaging free radicals. It’s also a source of Vitamin C, which is essential for iron absorption, so it’s the perfect partner for the spinach.

Buckwheat is a gluten-free source of Fibre and Antioxidants, is proven to have a positive effect on good cholesterol and has anti-inflammatory properties. It’s an all-round superfood!

Enjoy it!




Buckwheat, 70-90 g

Salmon, 80 g

Lettuce, as much as you like

Spinach, as much as you like

Extra-virgin olive oil, 2-4 tablespoons

Lemon juice, 1-2 tablespoons



1. Wash and chop the lettuce

2. Wash the spinach and steam them for 3-4 minutes

3. Rinse and simmer the buckwheat in salted water

4. Add the smoked salmon on a dish together with the chopped lettuce, steamed spinach and the cooked buckwheat

5. End the meal with some seasonal fruits

Watch the video recipe below ?