Perfect Meals: Rice with eggs, vegetables and berries

Rice with eggs, vegetables and berries

Eggs and radicchio: a traditional dish typical of the Mediterranean diet. One of those dishes loved by our grandparents, which we’d like to share with you today!

Ingredients (for one person)

–       Rice, 70-90 g

–       Red radicchio

–       Green beans

–       Eggs, 2

–       Fennel and sunflower seeds

–       Dried blueberries, 2 tablespoons

–       Extra-virgin olive oil, 2-4 tablespoons

–       Pomegranate juice

–       Salt


1.     Wash the radicchio and the green beans in fresh water

2.     Finely chop the radicchio and steam the green beans

3.     Cook the rice in salted water

4.     Boil the two eggs and remove the shell

5.     Sprinkle some fennel and sunflower seeds, dried blueberries, extra-virgin olive oil and pomegranate juice

***For the perfect meal, enjoy some seasonal fruits at the end***

Rice is the most eclectic and versatile cereal, perfect for everyone who enjoys being active regularly.

Eggs are full of nutrients, proteins, vitamins and mineral salts. The high value of B12 vitamin makes eggs an essential part of a diet, especially for vegetarians.

Over half of your plate should include vegetables; these will provide your body with important nutrients and fibre. Choose your favourite seasonal veggies to add to the dish.

The dried blueberries have a sweet and sour taste whilst the pomegranate juice has anti-inflammatory properties and is high in vitamin C. Sunflower seeds will add texture to the meal and help facilitate the digestion.