Hot hot hot… water ?

We all know drinking water every day is essential…over 60% of our body weight is made of water : ) Water takes part in all metabolic activities, but did you know that temperature makes a difference?

Water at room temperature, hot or slightly chilled are all great. Avoid drinking ice cold water – it’s like a punch to the stomach.


How much should I drink?
It depends on your age, on your eating habits, on your daily physical activity, on the weather…but generally a 1.5 to 2 litres per day is good.


When should I drink?
150-200 ml (that’s about half a glass) at every meal, no more than that…even better if the water is hot! During the rest of the day, you can drink in abundance.
Having a warm or hot drink during your meal is a great help to the digestion, it temporarily increases our metabolic rate and it prevents water retention.


How to drink?
Yes, there is a recommended way & it’s to do it with many sips, not big gulps, like in the video!


PS: if you find the idea of drinking hot water alone a bit unappetising, try it with a slice of lemon, ginger or some mint leaves or a ready-blended light tisane. Yum! : )


Enjoy the weekend!

Sabrina Severi

Biologist Specialised in Nutrition Science