Free Coach Transfer Nottingham – Brighton Confirmed!


A couple of weeks ago we shared the news about organising a free coach transfer on Thursday 20th July for all Nottingham-based runners and walkers wishing to join us for the 5.30 Brighton event.

Many of you sent us your favourite pick up time and we’re now pleased to share with you the confirmed pick up time and location of your exclusive 5.30 Brighton summer trip.

Way Out

Thursday 20th July at 10:00, pick up from Mount Street, Nottingham, NG1 6HG


Friday 21st July at 16:00, pick up from Old Steine, Brighton, BN1 1EL

The journey should be approx. 3 hours and 30 minutes depending on traffic. The coach has a total of 51 seats – 40 seats are still available.

Everyone wishing to book a place on The Big Lemon coach please do so by writing us to

We look forward to seeing you in Brighton!

Sergio and Sabrina