The magazine of Run 5.30 Brighton is here!

After every Run 5.30 event, we publish a magazine that captures all the key moments of our adventure.

You can now download the magazine of the Brighton event here: _MagBrighton2019

Enjoy : )



Run 5.30 Brighton: First Pictures



You can now find the first set of pictures from Francesca Grana on our Flickr page:


More photos by David Matthews coming soon...


Run 5.30 Brighton - Important Participant Information

Brighton, it's nearly time... have you set your alarms yet?

Here you can find some important information for every participant  - we also emailed it to you, so you can't miss it!

Collect your Run 5.30 t-shirt at the Jubilee Library, Jubilee Street, Brighton either on Wednesday 17th July from 10:00 to 17:00 or on Thursday 18th July from 10:00 to 18:30.

Please come with:
- Registration confirmation with QR code
- Or receipt of payment
- Or just with your first name and surname and proof of ID

Please Remember
- You don’t need to print anything, you can show us the registration confirmation or payment receipt via smartphone ?

- You can send anyone to collect the t-shirt (a friend, a relative, your mother-in-law…)

- If you can’t come in these two days you can always do it prior to the event the following morning from 4:30 am on Friday 19th July

- You will be able to register on Wednesday and Thursday at the Jubilee Library, Brighton and on the day of the event (cash payment only) ?

Participants have two parking options – one of the off-street car parks or an on-street bay.

There are two car parks roughly the same distance from New Road: Trafalgar Street and The Lanes. Both are about an 8–10 minute walk away.

At that time of day, car park customers pay a flat-rate ‘night’ tariff (midnight-11am). Parking at night in The Lanes costs £5.00 (£5.50 at Trafalgar Street). While both car parks are open 24/7, Trafalgar Street will have the greatest capacity – it’s typically empty until the weekday rush hour.

The alternative is to park for free in a nearby pay-and-display bay. Restrictions do not kick in until 9 am. As long as you leave by 9 am, you can park without paying for a ticket.

- Run 5.30 Brighton will happen in any weather conditions but of course, we are keeping an eye on high winds which may affect the route

- We will be ready to welcome you from 4:30 am

- Please be mindful of obstacles along the route such as street furniture or the occasional person still on their night out! ?

- We strongly advise not to use headphones and to be aware of your surroundings

- At 5.30 am you can forget about your PB and enjoy the early morning atmosphere ?

- Public toilets near to Pavilion Gardens open at 5 am ?

The event starts from New Road and turns up North Street and then into Ship Street. It then travels through the Lanes into East Street where participants will cross the A259 onto the seafront through the pedestrian crossing. Please be aware that the seafront road isn’t closed to traffic - traffic takes priority, runners/walkers must wait at crossing in both directions. The route travels West on the upper pavement and it turns just before the Lawns cafe returning along Hove promenade and then the lower seafront prom. Participants will head up the ramp to travel inland using the pedestrian crossing at East Street. The route continues through East Street pausing for traffic at North Street and then into Pavilion Gardens to finish back in New Road ?

- Taste and enjoy the fresh cherries and organic pouring yogurt from Sussex ?

- Follow the orange feather flag to find the Breakfast station, next to it, you’ll find the blue feather flag for your drink

- All fruits and drinks left over will be donated to local food banks.

For those who wish to seat down with friends post-event, we have secured a couple of offers from nearby MyHotel and Small Batch Coffee at 17 Jubilee Street (1 min walk from New Road).

For anyone interested in having a hot drink, Small Batch Coffee will open around 6am and will offer all Run 5.30 Brighton participants an espresso for only £1.

For anyone who is really hungry, MyHotel will offer a reduced price breakfast at Merkaba (the ground floor bar) for £10 per person including a continental offering of pastries, fresh fruits, yogurt, eggs, cheese, ham and a variety of teas and coffee. This will need to be pre-booked, which can be arranged directly with Helen Vits from MyHotel by Wednesday 17th July via email which you can find on the Participant Information newsletter sent today at midday.

- In the office, you are free to let all your colleagues know about your great achievement and show them your shiny medal ?

- Be proud of yourself ?


For any other question, you can contact us via email on


Team Run 5.30 Brighton

Jo, Filippo, Sabrina, Francesca & Sergio

Refreshing (Pink) Smoothie

A pink smoothie to recharge our energy on a hot summer day!

When the temperature rises we need to eat lighter, simple foods with plenty of water content. This smoothie is just the thing for a refreshing breakfast or a healthful cooler for a hot afternoon. It’s easy to prepare and it gives our body plenty of energy and refreshment.


- 1 grapefruit
- Half fresh fennel or a small cucumber
- 4-5 Japanese plums (loquat). This fruit is somewhat difficult to find in the UK; it’s popular in Asia but it can be also found in some Mediterranean countries like Italy where it’s called Nespola. Aesthetically it looks like an apricot but the flesh is more acid; the taste is a mix of peach, citrus and mild mango. All these fruits can be used as an alternative.


Peel the grapefruit and the Japanese plums, then wash the fresh fennel.
Chop everything into medium sized pieces and add to the blender – blend for 2-3 minutes. Pour the smoothie in a glass and sprinkle some goji berries and ground turmeric. Enjoy!

Sabrina Severi


Run 5.30 Brighton Teams Update

Good morning early risers,
With less than two weeks to go, the team challenge gets hotter everyday?
For the third year in a row, the two top teams battling for the glorious group coffee ☕️ reward are RunPals and WeRun!Hassocks, with BHWRC, TEAM SERB and Vardean College getting close in joint third place.
More teams have entered lately and here is a mention to all of you who decided to join us with family, friends and colleagues.
This is the provisional leaderboard - who will come top? ? ☕
RanPals 37
We Run! Hassocks 30
Vardean College 18
Spirit@6 11
Brigittes Babes 9
Runners Who Lunch 8
Mad Runners 8
Banana Club Team 7
SW Sisters 7
Hassocks Community Runners 6
Hove Park Park Runners 6
Pre Dawn Poopers 6
Dawn Raiders 6
Patcham Plodders 5
EDF Digital 5
Cirque Du Sore Legs 5
Brighton Vegan Runners 2

Run 5.30 Verona - Pictures Up

Today we launched the 2019 Run 5.30 tour with a bang! Over 2,500 participants wearing yellow t-shirts took to the deserted streets of romantic Verona  ❤️

You can find all the pictures of the event from our Flickr account:

This event will be remembered for the friendship between Run 5.30 Italia and Run 5.30 UK as a few British friends joined us for the inaugural party! Can you recognise them without their running gear on?


Next stops... Palermo and Milan! #dontdreamitbeit







O Sergio, Sergio, wherefore art thou Sergio?

“O Sergio, Sergio, wherefore art thou Sergio?”


The Run 5.30 Tour will start this week in Verona, the home of the ultimate tragic love story by the world’s greatest dramatist William Shakespeare. And in true Shakespearean drama, the weather forecast is looming on the horizon.


The Tour will continue in Italian fashion-capital Milan then onto Palermo, Turin, Modena, Bologna, Mantua, Trieste, Reggio Emilia, Venice and will end for its third year in Brighton… bellissima!


Here are some highlights from last year. Us (and Sergio) can’t wait to see you in July!


PS: we overheard some of you might join us at 5.30am this Friday ; )









Nutritious Foods: Strawberries

Today we talk about a natural masterpiece…the strawberry!


Intensely red with sparkling notes, strawberries are a delicious super food with extraordinary health benefits and remind us of the first Run 5.30 Brighton event : )


Here are some of their healthy properties:


  • Full of natural antioxidants and vitamin C, helping to prevent inflammatory processes
  • Rich in potassium, for a powerful diuretic effect
  • Deliciously sweet… but with only 27 kcal per 100 g!


As we’re entering the glorious British strawberry season, enjoy them at their best when they’re packed full of nutrients (early June to August).


Sabrina Severi

Biologist Specialised in Food Science


What Run 5.30 is to us - Part 4

Run 5.30 hasn't changed in ten years. Same format, same graphics, same messages.


Sergio and Sabrina tell us about how it still feels different at each Run 5.30 event every year.



#run530uk #run530brighton #dontdreamitbeit #beactive #stayhealthy


Nutritious Foods: Radicchio (Red Chicory)

Sweet. Bitter. Beautiful. Today we talk about Radicchio.


These are some of the powerful traits of this red leafy chicory vegetable:


  • Rich in vitamin K, essential for the health of our bones
  • It contains phytosterols, extraordinary molecules which help to control our cholesterol levels
  • It contains prebiotics, excellent gut bacteria that improve digestion
  • It helps fight oxidative stress, fighting free radicals damage
  • In Chinese medicine, the union of the colour red and the bitter taste supports our heart’s health


How to cook it?

Serve it raw within a mixed leaves salad or sautéed in a pan with a spoon of extra virgin olive oil. Delicious!


Sabrina Severi

Biologist Specialised in Food Science





What Run 5.30 is to us - Part 3

Sometimes you don't know why you do something but you do it anyway.

Sergio and Sabrina talk about the challenges of waking up early to do some exercise.


#run530uk #run530brighton #dontdreamitbeit #beactive #stayhealthy

Nutritious Foods: Green beans

Green beans are delicious and incredibly rich in nutrients. They are the perfect ingredients for the spring and summer, and their benefits are enormous.


Here are some of their nourishing properties:


  • Perfect supplements of potassium, calcium and phosphorous
  • Poor in calories, only 18 per 100 grams
  • Rich in water and fiber, they help you feel full & ease the digestive process
  • Multicolour: you can get green, yellow and purple beans to maximise the nutritional values


We love them steamed and then seasoned with a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice.


Sabrina Severi

Biologist Specialised in Food Science

What Run 5.30 is to us - Part 2

Run 5.30 is sharing, because it belongs to everyone. It creates a positive atmosphere that you want to be part of.



#dontdreamitbeit #run530uk #beactive #stayhealthy #Run530Brighton




Nutritious Foods: Lemon

We believe regular physical activity together with a balanced diet is the perfect formula for feeling better with ourselves and generally living a better life.


In the coming weeks, we’ll share some of our favourite foods packed with nutrients. We start today with the king of citrus fruits, Mr Lemon.


Although everyone knows the popular saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, not everyone is aware of the many benefits that lemons have on our organism.


Here are just some of the many positive effects lemons have on our bodies:


  • Detox action on our liver, which loves sourness
  • Keeps the body hydrated & provides electrolytes to the body
  • Helps you feel full while promoting healthy digestion
  • It helps to minimise joint & muscle aches


Let’s start the day with a glass of warm water with a spoonful of lemon juice mixed in. It’s an ideal support during the changing period as we go from winter to spring. Spring is also the perfect season to detox our liver: let’s prune the old branches and prepare to embrace the ‘new’ beginnings, following our inspirations!


Have a super start of the week.

Dr. Sabrina Severi

Biologist Specialised in Food Science

What Run 5.30 is to us - Part 1

During an interview with Italian Running magazine ‘Correre’, Sergio and Sabrina tell us how Run 5.30 begun and what it means to them.


This is the first of a series of short videos we’ll share in the following days. Enjoy!



#dontdreamitbeit #run530uk #run530brighton #5kbrighton #beactive #stayhealthy

A Night At My Brighton Hotel

My Brighton hotel will be this year’s Run 5.30 team hub!

“A celebration of Brighton’s rebellious side… a spirited place that fuses artisan tastes with soul and progressive design." We like the sound of it ?

All participants who fancy joining us there on the night of Thursday 18th July will receive a very special offer:

- 25% off My Brighton best flexible rate
- £10 allowance to spend in the Mini Bar, Merkaba bar or Car Park
- An Energy Bar & Pre Work out Shot in your room

For everyone who has already registered, we’ll share the special offer code to use on the My Brighton hotel website via email shortly. For anyone who still has to register for the event, you’ll find the code in the confirmation email starting from today.

After last year's event, some of you were looking for a coffee shop to relax afterwards, meet friends and generally enjoy the early morning... but it was a bit too early for any of the usual places to be open. We're working on this with My Brighton (there is a Small Batch Coffee within the hotel) to see if they can open earlier for us. We’ll give you more information about this in the coming weeks ☕️

Enjoy the first weekend of Spring!



Do you have enough time to exercise?


Everyone who registers for the Run 5.30 Brighton event tells us a bit about their exercise habits and we wanted to share some with you.


Time flies and we’re all busy trying to get the work-life balance right. Nearly half of all the people who registered don’t exercise as often as they’d like to.


We conceived Run 5.30 to help people get some time for themselves by waking up a bit earlier before life gets in the way.


Find more about the Run 5.30 Brighton event here:



Run 5.30 Brighton 2019 Teams Revealed!

Every July we reveal the names of the teams taking part in the Run 5.30 Brighton event.

This year, we couldn't wait, as so many teams have already signed up; some are old friends like the Hassocks crew, RunPals, TEAM SERB, and Banana Club Team, others are completely new entries like the Brigittes Babes, Cirque Du Sore Legs, Dawn Raiders, Patcham Plodders, Runners Who Lunch.

Like every year, the competition for the largest team is on.. the bigger the circle the bigger the team (right now)...

On this note, a quick reminder for everyone who would like to enter as the early bird offer will end next Thursday 28 February. You can find more information and register for the event here:


Finally, a BIG good luck to our very own Jo Osborne and everyone who is running the Brighton Half Marathon this weekend. Enjoy it!





Early Bird Registrations Open!

Everyone willing to join us on Friday 19 July for Run 5.30 Brighton can enjoy an exclusive early bird entry. The offer is valid throughout February.


You can register online to the event from this link. Teams can now register through the dedicated entry category.


Everyone interested in fundraising for our charity partner Rockinghorse will also be able to create a JustGiving fundraising page during the online registration.


We can't wait to see you in Brighton this summer!


Team 5.30

It's All About The 'Why'


The Run 5.30 secret lies in one word: why. It’s from that word that everything flows. It is the first question we ask, before we think of how or what. Once you have the ‘why’, everything else follows. It is the belief in what we do.


Our new 5.30 t-shirt design sums this up with ‘why’, ‘what’ & ‘how’ set in a spiral. The spiral generates concentric circles from which a new journey will begin.


Yellow, like the colour kids choose to draw the sun.

White, because to express an idea we don’t need to shout… we only need to believe in it.

Red, like the heart that we all put into something we’re passionate about.


Watch our video presentation of the new Run 5.30 t-shirts from next year's Tour ?

Run 5.30 Tour 2019

Run 5.30 Tour 2019:

17 May, Verona

24 May, Milan & Palermo

31 May, Turin

7 June, Modena & Virtual 5.30

14 June, Bologna

21 June, Ferrara

28 June, Trieste & Mantua

5 July, Reggio Emilia

12 July, Venice

19 July, Brighton


Online registrations will open on Friday 1st February 2019.


Run 5.30 is a challenge.

When the alarm goes off, we can hit snooze and roll over, or we can wake up and start the day devoting a bit of time to ourselves before everyone else wakes up. Nobody will tell us it's easy to wake up before dawn, no one will tell us how good we are to do it but this isn’t the point; we were born to run and get on with anything that comes our way.

Run 5.30 is a challenge.

It's one small, giant step we take to change our daily routine. At Run 5.30 you don't need to wear a race number because the challenge is with yourself, there is no chip timing, nor a race clock because who cares about 'how long will I take to get to the finish line'. 5.30 isn't only about the start time... it's the sign of achievement for all of us!


Run 5.30 2019