It’s almost strawberries time! 🍓

With their cheerful bright skins, strawberries are the sign spring and summer are here, after a long winter left behind. Strawberries are in season between May and September, but due to the warmer and sunnier weather, you will most likely find them at your local grocery store very soon, so keep an eye out!
Strawberries are low in calories, full of water, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc, and they also contain many polyphenols with antioxidant action, protecting our body cells’ health… what else can we ask from these little red gems?!
Strawberries provide a light source of energy and they have some rather healthy properties too:
- help strengthen our immune system
- help to keep the gut flora balanced
- function as a detox food
- have a diuretic effect
- have a gentle laxative effect
We can use them in delicious smoothies and fruit juices, together with yogurt and nuts for breakfast, or in a tomato and rocket salad with some balsamic vinegar (from Modena of course!).
Sabrina Severi
Biologist Specialised in Nutrition Science

Hot hot hot... water 💧

We all know drinking water every day is essential…over 60% of our body weight is made of water : ) Water takes part in all metabolic activities, but did you know that temperature makes a difference?

Water at room temperature, hot or slightly chilled are all great. Avoid drinking ice cold water - it’s like a punch to the stomach.


How much should I drink?
It depends on your age, on your eating habits, on your daily physical activity, on the weather…but generally a 1.5 to 2 litres per day is good.


When should I drink?
150-200 ml (that’s about half a glass) at every meal, no more than that…even better if the water is hot! During the rest of the day, you can drink in abundance.
Having a warm or hot drink during your meal is a great help to the digestion, it temporarily increases our metabolic rate and it prevents water retention.


How to drink?
Yes, there is a recommended way & it’s to do it with many sips, not big gulps, like in the video!


PS: if you find the idea of drinking hot water alone a bit unappetising, try it with a slice of lemon, ginger or some mint leaves or a ready-blended light tisane. Yum! : )


Enjoy the weekend!

Sabrina Severi

Biologist Specialised in Nutrition Science

Nuts about Hazelnuts 😍

From Autumn to Spring, hazelnuts are an incredible healthy and fragrant food thanks to their skin, which is full of nutrients.

Hazelnuts are a great source of vegetable proteins and good fats. They are rich in Vitamin E, a key ingredient to protect skin from aging and a powerful antioxidant.

Hazelnuts are the perfect food for everyone practicing physical activity (outdoor or at home!). Thanks to their manganese, iron and magnesium content, hazelnuts can help prevent muscular cramps.

They are also a good source of Omega 9 (Oleic Acid), which is a useful ingredient in controlling cholesterol.

If you feel the need for a snack why not trying 10-20 hazelnuts with 2 kiwis (or other juicy fruits). You could also add them to fresh fruit smoothies and salads.

(A note of caution: hazelnuts, due to their potential allergic characteristic, should be avoided by all women breastfeeding their babies and by young children)

Wishing you a happy Easter weekend!


Sabrina Severi

Biologist Specialised in Nutrition Science

The Run 5.30 Tour has been postponed to 2021.

In 2021, we will run and walk at sunrise with the joy of someone who overcame the crisis of these days, with a stronger feeling of responsibility and belonging. We decided to postpone the tour to next year because we aren’t in a position to organise it logistically and emotionally. In the coming months, we’ll get back to work with passion together with our partners in every city for what is already going to be an unforgettable 5.30 Tour.

Some details about the 2021 tour are below (we’ll also share in our newsletter). Please feel free to contact us directly should you have any specific question/request.

1. All registrations are automatically moved to the 2021 Run 5.30 Brighton event - you don’t need to do anything just keep the confirmation email.

2. These are the dates of next year’s event:

14 May Verona

21 May Milan

21 May Palermo

28 May Turin

4 June Modena

11 June Bologna

18 June Ferrara

25 June Mantova

25 June Bergamo

2 July Reggio Emilia

9 July Venice

16 July Brighton

23 July Riccione

3. We’ll use the t-shirts and medals from 2020 - same design and colours, to remember this difficult year & how we got through it together. This t-shirt will remind us of the strength, bravery and closeness this time brought out in us all.

Grazie mille!

Run 5.30 Brighton Team

Sweet Oranges 🍊

Oranges, a healthy treasure

Oranges, our juicy friends, are packed with health-building nutrients & can really boost our vitamin intake during Winter and early Spring.

We all know oranges contain vitamin C, but that’s not all…here’s some you might not know about;

Potassium; it’s not just bananas that contain potassium, oranges are a great source of it too. This electrolyte mineral helps regulate PH balance, muscle function, enzyme function and hydration balance.

Flavonoids, powerful antioxidants found in blueberries, tea & legume…and oranges. They help defend us from all types of illnesses & have a positive impact on heart health.

The regular consumption of oranges, with their delicious aroma, sunny colour & refreshing juice, can really boost our mood 😋



"Salted caramel" 😋

If you fancy something to satisfy your sweet tooth, go ahead and read today’s recipe! We all know that it’s best to avoid sugar and to eat sweets in moderation, but sometimes we really crave sweetness. Here’s a creamy and delicious recipe using natural sugar, with no animal fats or additives.


The flavour is similar to salted caramel & I love it on a slice of bread or fruit for breakfast, but I also use it as a natural sweetener inside smoothies. It’s an unexpectedly good salad dressing and you can eat it with carrot sticks too! I’d love to hear what you think of it. :) 




Medjool dates, 200 gr

Almonds, 40 gr

Lemon juice, 2 small spoons

Maldon sea salt flakes, 1/3 small spoon


Dehydrated coconut (5-6 slices)



• Soak the dates in water for 4 hours

• Rinse the dates, keeping the water on the side

• Once all stones have been removed from the dates, put the pulp inside a hand-blender together with all the other ingredients

• Blend and add a spoonful of water used to soak the dates, until you reach the desired consistency: dense like a spreading cream or more fluid to garnish

• Put the cream inside a glass jar - with airtight lead

• You can keep it inside the fridge at a temperature of 4°C up to a week

Breakfast: fast, healthy and full of colours!

Are you a routine person even at breakfast?
Porridge and fruits? Cappuccino and croissant? Only a cuppa?
Right… keep reading, it will only take a minute!

5.30 tips

• Get ahead on your 5 A Day…add some seasonal fruits to your usual porridge or yoghurt

• Aim for a combination of carbs (sugars), proteins and fats for complete breakfast…how about a quick veggie omelette with a slice of wholegrain toast & butter. If you have leftover veg from last night’s dinner, it’s a tasty way to use it up & makes breakfast prep much quicker.

• Avoid sugar, use small doses of honey instead.

• Remember to drink as soon as you wake up and during your breakfast. The ‘good morning’ drinks: water, veggie and fruit smoothies, freshly squeezed fruits juices, milks (dairy or alternatives), herbal tea. Many of us can’t resist a tea or coffee, but make sure you hydrate before you caffeinate : )

• If you struggle to eat in the morning, have a lighter dinner the day before, you’ll be much hungrier for breakfast.

• As with all meals, variety is key; different colour, flavours & textures keep it interesting & healthful. If you find yourself reaching for the same thing every day out of habit, try to think about it the day before. Aiming for 3 different breakfasts to enjoy throughout the week can help. Still stuck for inspiration? Have a look at what’s in season & go for something different.


Why is it important to choose the right breakfast?
It ensures excellent physical and mental performance, it activates the metabolism and stabilises our mood : )


Sabrina Severi
Biologist specialised in Nutrition Science

Clarified Butter

Hello. What fats do you use when you cook?

Our first “never-without” of 2020 is clarified butter!

Clarified butter, or ghee, is a food used for over 5,000 years ago. Here we show you how to prepare it. Of course, you can buy it in the shops, but making it yourself is much more fun.

1) Buy some unsalted butter; usually, I prepare between 500 and 1,000 grams

2) Melt the butter in a saucepan on a low flame

3) As the butter turns opalescent, keep on a very low flame, without mixing it

4) Skim the foam from the top with a spoon every 15-20 seconds

5) When the melted butter becomes transparent (in about 50 seconds) turn the heat off and let it rest

6) Pour the transparent butter into jars, using a sieve to remove any solids (milk protein) & leaving any watery residue behind in the pan

Why should we use clarified butter?

Cooking at high temperatures is a stressful event for the majority of fats and oils. Clarified butter has a very high smoking point (the temperature at which a fat or oil begins to burn, releasing unhealthy radicals) making it a wonderful fat for cooking at very high temperatures.

Clarified butter is also full of saturated fats, the ones that our body doesn’t store but uses straight away in our metabolism. Plus, it’s rich in butyric acid, a short-chain fatty acid that helps healing and repair of the stomach lining.

Suggested daily quantity: 1-2 small spoonfuls every day is a great way to help our intestine and immune system.

Sabrina Severi

Biologist specialised in Nutrition Science


Emmaus Brighton & Hove Charity Partner

In the last three years, we’ve supported Sussex-based children charity Rockinghorse helping to raise funds for the purchase of essential equipment for the High Dependency Unit at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton. You can read more about this here.


From this year, we’re happy to announce we will support Emmaus Brighton & Hove, a charity that enables people to move on from homelessness, providing work and a home in a supportive community environment.


Companions, as residents are known, collect and resell donated furniture, bric-a-brac and other items. This work supports the Community financially and enables residents to develop skills, rebuild their self-respect and help others in greater need.


Their main site in Portslade Old Village is set in acres of beautiful grounds, including listed buildings, a Chapel, spectacular views and a Secret Garden. With six exciting social enterprises to explore (including a clothes shop, a Café and a second hand gardening shop), they have become an important social hub within the local community, as well as for visitors from all over Sussex.


You can find more about Emmaus on their website: 



Emmaus Site Map A3 - 420x297mm - with Emmaus & Explore

Chew, please 😀

Chewing properly helps make us strong and mentally aware… yet, chewing food is a daily challenge for the majority of us.

Chewing repeatedly increases our pleasure when eating our food. Chewing properly will also satisfy our “hunger” with less food and will help nourish our body cells. To the contrary, eating too fast is discouraged like eating too much (!).

The first digestion happens in our mouth. The food releases its nutrients when chewed until it becomes a cream made of food and saliva. Saliva contains an enzyme that breaks down the carbohydrates of bread and pasta for example.

Only when the food is broken down in smaller bits by our teeth, it will reach the stomach and start the second digestion. In fact, our stomach is the perfect place to digest proteins from meat, eggs, and fish.

If we don’t chew our food properly, eating too fast then we might encounter digestive problems, drowsiness, abdominal bloating, feeling hungry, lack of concentration, and many other common annoyances.

So, how many times should we chew before swallowing our food?

According to some, the magic number is 30 times, but in some cases, the advice goes up to 50 and even 100 times. Whatever the number, this isn’t an easy exercise, even reaching 30 is a bit of a challenge!

5.30 tip

Try counting the times you chew before swallowing the food… 3–4-10 times? Right, it’s time to double that! You need to focus and really think about the process, perhaps put your cutlery down between mouthfuls. With time and practice, you’ll enjoy your food more and even your digestion will improve. Believe me, chewing is an art worth learning!

Run 5.30 Brighton 2020: Registrations Open!

Good morning early risers,

Run 5.30 is coming back to Brighton this Summer! The date is set for Friday 17 July and registrations are now open.

Early birds will enjoy exclusive individual and team rates throughout the month of February. You can register from our website here.


All 5.30 participants will also enjoy a special offer from our hotel partner My Brighton Hotel by using the code RUN53020 (on their website) for Thursday 16th & Friday 17th of July 2020:

  • 25% off best flexible rate (must be booked before 26th June)  
  • £10 allowance to spend in the Mini Bar, Merkaba or Car Park
  • An Energy Bar & Pre Work out Shot in your room

Please note these rates will be room only and is non-changeable or cancellable.


Finally, this year's edition of our iconic t-shirt is a tribute to women. Discover the new design and the reason behind it from our launch video here.

Don’t dream it. Be it!

Team 5.30,

Jo, Fil, Sabrina & Sergio

The magazine of Run 5.30 Brighton is here!

After every Run 5.30 event, we publish a magazine that captures all the key moments of our adventure.

You can now download the magazine of the Brighton event here: _MagBrighton2019

Enjoy : )



Run 5.30 Brighton: First Pictures



You can now find the first set of pictures from Francesca Grana on our Flickr page:


More photos by David Matthews coming soon...


Run 5.30 Brighton - Important Participant Information

Brighton, it's nearly time... have you set your alarms yet?

Here you can find some important information for every participant  - we also emailed it to you, so you can't miss it!

Collect your Run 5.30 t-shirt at the Jubilee Library, Jubilee Street, Brighton either on Wednesday 17th July from 10:00 to 17:00 or on Thursday 18th July from 10:00 to 18:30.

Please come with:
- Registration confirmation with QR code
- Or receipt of payment
- Or just with your first name and surname and proof of ID

Please Remember
- You don’t need to print anything, you can show us the registration confirmation or payment receipt via smartphone ?

- You can send anyone to collect the t-shirt (a friend, a relative, your mother-in-law…)

- If you can’t come in these two days you can always do it prior to the event the following morning from 4:30 am on Friday 19th July

- You will be able to register on Wednesday and Thursday at the Jubilee Library, Brighton and on the day of the event (cash payment only) ?

Participants have two parking options – one of the off-street car parks or an on-street bay.

There are two car parks roughly the same distance from New Road: Trafalgar Street and The Lanes. Both are about an 8–10 minute walk away.

At that time of day, car park customers pay a flat-rate ‘night’ tariff (midnight-11am). Parking at night in The Lanes costs £5.00 (£5.50 at Trafalgar Street). While both car parks are open 24/7, Trafalgar Street will have the greatest capacity – it’s typically empty until the weekday rush hour.

The alternative is to park for free in a nearby pay-and-display bay. Restrictions do not kick in until 9 am. As long as you leave by 9 am, you can park without paying for a ticket.

- Run 5.30 Brighton will happen in any weather conditions but of course, we are keeping an eye on high winds which may affect the route

- We will be ready to welcome you from 4:30 am

- Please be mindful of obstacles along the route such as street furniture or the occasional person still on their night out! ?

- We strongly advise not to use headphones and to be aware of your surroundings

- At 5.30 am you can forget about your PB and enjoy the early morning atmosphere ?

- Public toilets near to Pavilion Gardens open at 5 am ?

The event starts from New Road and turns up North Street and then into Ship Street. It then travels through the Lanes into East Street where participants will cross the A259 onto the seafront through the pedestrian crossing. Please be aware that the seafront road isn’t closed to traffic - traffic takes priority, runners/walkers must wait at crossing in both directions. The route travels West on the upper pavement and it turns just before the Lawns cafe returning along Hove promenade and then the lower seafront prom. Participants will head up the ramp to travel inland using the pedestrian crossing at East Street. The route continues through East Street pausing for traffic at North Street and then into Pavilion Gardens to finish back in New Road ?

- Taste and enjoy the fresh cherries and organic pouring yogurt from Sussex ?

- Follow the orange feather flag to find the Breakfast station, next to it, you’ll find the blue feather flag for your drink

- All fruits and drinks left over will be donated to local food banks.

For those who wish to seat down with friends post-event, we have secured a couple of offers from nearby MyHotel and Small Batch Coffee at 17 Jubilee Street (1 min walk from New Road).

For anyone interested in having a hot drink, Small Batch Coffee will open around 6am and will offer all Run 5.30 Brighton participants an espresso for only £1.

For anyone who is really hungry, MyHotel will offer a reduced price breakfast at Merkaba (the ground floor bar) for £10 per person including a continental offering of pastries, fresh fruits, yogurt, eggs, cheese, ham and a variety of teas and coffee. This will need to be pre-booked, which can be arranged directly with Helen Vits from MyHotel by Wednesday 17th July via email which you can find on the Participant Information newsletter sent today at midday.

- In the office, you are free to let all your colleagues know about your great achievement and show them your shiny medal ?

- Be proud of yourself ?


For any other question, you can contact us via email on


Team Run 5.30 Brighton

Jo, Filippo, Sabrina, Francesca & Sergio

Refreshing (Pink) Smoothie

A pink smoothie to recharge our energy on a hot summer day!

When the temperature rises we need to eat lighter, simple foods with plenty of water content. This smoothie is just the thing for a refreshing breakfast or a healthful cooler for a hot afternoon. It’s easy to prepare and it gives our body plenty of energy and refreshment.


- 1 grapefruit
- Half fresh fennel or a small cucumber
- 4-5 Japanese plums (loquat). This fruit is somewhat difficult to find in the UK; it’s popular in Asia but it can be also found in some Mediterranean countries like Italy where it’s called Nespola. Aesthetically it looks like an apricot but the flesh is more acid; the taste is a mix of peach, citrus and mild mango. All these fruits can be used as an alternative.


Peel the grapefruit and the Japanese plums, then wash the fresh fennel.
Chop everything into medium sized pieces and add to the blender – blend for 2-3 minutes. Pour the smoothie in a glass and sprinkle some goji berries and ground turmeric. Enjoy!

Sabrina Severi


Run 5.30 Brighton Teams Update

Good morning early risers,
With less than two weeks to go, the team challenge gets hotter everyday?
For the third year in a row, the two top teams battling for the glorious group coffee ☕️ reward are RunPals and WeRun!Hassocks, with BHWRC, TEAM SERB and Vardean College getting close in joint third place.
More teams have entered lately and here is a mention to all of you who decided to join us with family, friends and colleagues.
This is the provisional leaderboard - who will come top? ? ☕
RanPals 37
We Run! Hassocks 30
Vardean College 18
Spirit@6 11
Brigittes Babes 9
Runners Who Lunch 8
Mad Runners 8
Banana Club Team 7
SW Sisters 7
Hassocks Community Runners 6
Hove Park Park Runners 6
Pre Dawn Poopers 6
Dawn Raiders 6
Patcham Plodders 5
EDF Digital 5
Cirque Du Sore Legs 5
Brighton Vegan Runners 2

Run 5.30 Verona - Pictures Up

Today we launched the 2019 Run 5.30 tour with a bang! Over 2,500 participants wearing yellow t-shirts took to the deserted streets of romantic Verona  ❤️

You can find all the pictures of the event from our Flickr account:

This event will be remembered for the friendship between Run 5.30 Italia and Run 5.30 UK as a few British friends joined us for the inaugural party! Can you recognise them without their running gear on?


Next stops... Palermo and Milan! #dontdreamitbeit







O Sergio, Sergio, wherefore art thou Sergio?

“O Sergio, Sergio, wherefore art thou Sergio?”


The Run 5.30 Tour will start this week in Verona, the home of the ultimate tragic love story by the world’s greatest dramatist William Shakespeare. And in true Shakespearean drama, the weather forecast is looming on the horizon.


The Tour will continue in Italian fashion-capital Milan then onto Palermo, Turin, Modena, Bologna, Mantua, Trieste, Reggio Emilia, Venice and will end for its third year in Brighton… bellissima!


Here are some highlights from last year. Us (and Sergio) can’t wait to see you in July!


PS: we overheard some of you might join us at 5.30am this Friday ; )









Nutritious Foods: Strawberries

Today we talk about a natural masterpiece…the strawberry!


Intensely red with sparkling notes, strawberries are a delicious super food with extraordinary health benefits and remind us of the first Run 5.30 Brighton event : )


Here are some of their healthy properties:


  • Full of natural antioxidants and vitamin C, helping to prevent inflammatory processes
  • Rich in potassium, for a powerful diuretic effect
  • Deliciously sweet… but with only 27 kcal per 100 g!


As we’re entering the glorious British strawberry season, enjoy them at their best when they’re packed full of nutrients (early June to August).


Sabrina Severi

Biologist Specialised in Food Science


What Run 5.30 is to us - Part 4

Run 5.30 hasn't changed in ten years. Same format, same graphics, same messages.


Sergio and Sabrina tell us about how it still feels different at each Run 5.30 event every year.



#run530uk #run530brighton #dontdreamitbeit #beactive #stayhealthy


Nutritious Foods: Radicchio (Red Chicory)

Sweet. Bitter. Beautiful. Today we talk about Radicchio.


These are some of the powerful traits of this red leafy chicory vegetable:


  • Rich in vitamin K, essential for the health of our bones
  • It contains phytosterols, extraordinary molecules which help to control our cholesterol levels
  • It contains prebiotics, excellent gut bacteria that improve digestion
  • It helps fight oxidative stress, fighting free radicals damage
  • In Chinese medicine, the union of the colour red and the bitter taste supports our heart’s health


How to cook it?

Serve it raw within a mixed leaves salad or sautéed in a pan with a spoon of extra virgin olive oil. Delicious!


Sabrina Severi

Biologist Specialised in Food Science