Don’t dream it. Ride it!

5.30 is a project that aims to help people build a more active lifestyle.

We believe the secret doesn’t lie in challenging physical exercise but, instead, in the small actions we take everyday.

Whether you choose to climb the stairs instead of taking the lift or start to walk or cycle instead of driving or taking the bus, these are sustainable steps towards a more active, and healthier, lifestyle.

For this reason we love the BTN BikeShare scheme launched by the Brighton & Hove City Council last autumn to encourage more people to cycle. Locals and visitors now have access to 450 bicycles from 50 stations across the city that can easily be used to reach their destination.

5.30 supports the initiative and it has a little surprise for all 5.30 Brighton participants. You can find out more about it on the event registration confirmation email.

Don’t dream it. Ride it!