Chicken breasts with sesame seeds and millet-broccoli purée

Perfect Meals

Eat healthy in a few minutes


Today we launch a new chapter of our video recipes called “Perfect Meals”.


As a nutritionist, I’ve spent years studying the science of food & continue to look at the latest research…but I know you probably don’t have time for that! That’s why I’ve developed my simple formula for the perfect meal; perfect to me is about the combination of nutritional benefits & delicious taste.


So here it is… Seasonal Vegetables + High-Protein Foods + Whole Grains + Seasonal Fruit


Something to keep in mind: a diet rich in vegetables helps prevent the most common diseases and protects our health.


Whether you follow my recipes to the letter or feel like mixing it up with your own choice of ingredients, stick with the simple formula & you’ll have the perfect meal every time.


It’s not just what you cook, but the way you cook it that can make a big difference to the health benefits you’ll enjoy. My favourite method is steaming; it’s quick, simple & prevents the loss of nutrients you get with other types of cooking… perfect!


Have an inspired cooking time.



Recipe: Chicken breasts with sesame seeds and millet purée


This meal is an explosion of flavours, an amusement park for your palate! Our aim is to put together in a single meal different flavours and textures to create something unforgettable.


Why millet? Because it’s a grain full of magnesium, which has a soothing effect. It also contains silicon which makes your skin, nails and hair stronger and more vibrant.


It has a good quantity of fibre too, perfect to reduce the glycemic index. Millet is the only alkalizing grain… irreplaceable!


In Chinese traditional medicine, cooked millet is perfect for the stomach and spleen.



Ingredients (per person)


Chicken Breast 100-120g

Millet and Broccoli Purée 3-4 spoons

Romanesco Cauliflower

Julienne Carrots

Sesame Seeds

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 2-4 spoons

Black Pepper






1.     Rinse and simmer the millet for about 15-20 minutes

2.     Steam the broccoli for about 4-8 minutes

3.     Place the millet and broccoli in a jug and blend together with a hand-blender – or a food processor

4.     Coat the chicken breast with sesame seeds and pan-fry with a spoonful of extra-virgin olive oil in a non-stick pan

5.     Wash and cut the carrots into Julienne strips

6.     Wash the Romanesco cauliflower and steam for 4 minutes; it should maintain its colour and be slightly crunchy

7.     Place the chicken on a plate and serve it with the millet and broccoli purée, steamed Romanesco cauliflower and Julienne carrots. Sprinkle some salt, black pepper and extra-virgin olive oil. Enjoy it!


Watch the video recipe below.