Breakfast Like A King. The 5 Elements of Breakfast

Morning! Today I want to share my ideal breakfast with you. It’s packed with 5 flavours; sweet, spicy, savoury, sour and a slightly bitter infusion to help digestion. Plus it tastes delicious!


–       1 slice of Buckwheat seeded bread, with a pinch of turmeric spice, extra-virgin olive oil and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese;

–       1 slice of Buckwheat seeded bread with blackberry jam;

–       200ml of coconut milk yogurt with blueberries, goji berries and dried mango;

–       200ml depurative tea: fennel and artichoke

It’s so important to have a varied and tasty breakfast. Together with some physical activity, the food we eat will affect the quality of our day. Breakfast can also be a lovely experience to be shared with family or friends to start the day well.

I’m passionate about breakfasts and I encourage everyone to spend a few minutes every day thinking and preparing for it.

Have a fantastic breakfast & a great day!

Sabrina Severi, Biologist and Food Science Specialist