Breakfast Like A King. Budwig Smoothie

Add a bit of fresh creativity to your breakfast. Today I introduce you a delicious and extraordinary smoothie: 250 grams of Budwig smoothie* accompanied by 200 ml of green tea.

Budwig Smoothie

It’s a mix of fresh fruit, dry fruit, seeds, and cereal grains, full of nutrients. The smoothie is deliciously good, healthy and provides satiety. Try it if you haven’t yet.

How to make it

This is the recipe of my favourite Budwig smoothie, but you could personalise using different ingredients pending on the season.


1 table spoon of flaxseed

1 table spoon of millet (or other types of cereals like buckwheat, brown rice, barley.. )

1 table spoon of hazelnut or seeds (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts, almonds..)

180gr of strawberries – or seasonal fruits like wild berries

½ of a banana

½ a lemon, juice of


Grind the flaxseed and the millet, then add sesame seeds, fresh fruits, banana and lemon juice and grind everything together until creamy and smooth.

The smoothie is ready in 5 minutes!

Next week I’ll share more recipes for your breakfasts.


Sabrina Severi, Biologist & Food Science Specialist

*Budwig Smoothie was made popular by doctor Catherine Kousmine, in her organic, health-focused diet known as the “Kousmine Method”. The Budwig is a blended cream with exceptionally nutrient characteristics, rich in natural antioxidants, fibre, fatty acid omega 3 and omega 6, proteins and sugars. This cream keeps you full for many hours, it’s ideal for people who exercise regularly, runners or for those who spend many hours in the office forgetting about food. The original recipe includes the addition of organic yogurt, tofu, ricotta cheese or legumes, to make a larger meal for lunch or dinner.