Breakfast: fast, healthy and full of colours!

Are you a routine person even at breakfast?
Porridge and fruits? Cappuccino and croissant? Only a cuppa?
Right… keep reading, it will only take a minute!

5.30 tips

• Get ahead on your 5 A Day…add some seasonal fruits to your usual porridge or yoghurt

• Aim for a combination of carbs (sugars), proteins and fats for complete breakfast…how about a quick veggie omelette with a slice of wholegrain toast & butter. If you have leftover veg from last night’s dinner, it’s a tasty way to use it up & makes breakfast prep much quicker.

• Avoid sugar, use small doses of honey instead.

• Remember to drink as soon as you wake up and during your breakfast. The ‘good morning’ drinks: water, veggie and fruit smoothies, freshly squeezed fruits juices, milks (dairy or alternatives), herbal tea. Many of us can’t resist a tea or coffee, but make sure you hydrate before you caffeinate : )

• If you struggle to eat in the morning, have a lighter dinner the day before, you’ll be much hungrier for breakfast.

• As with all meals, variety is key; different colour, flavours & textures keep it interesting & healthful. If you find yourself reaching for the same thing every day out of habit, try to think about it the day before. Aiming for 3 different breakfasts to enjoy throughout the week can help. Still stuck for inspiration? Have a look at what’s in season & go for something different.


Why is it important to choose the right breakfast?
It ensures excellent physical and mental performance, it activates the metabolism and stabilises our mood : )


Sabrina Severi
Biologist specialised in Nutrition Science