5.30 Brighton: Training tip 6

With less than three weeks to go for 5.30 Brighton, we share some simple exercises to keep the muscles and tendons of your legs a little flexible, helping to prevent any injury caused from tightness as well as cramps.

You can spend 5 minutes every couple of days in the morning or before going to bed to do stretching. There are many exercises you can choose from, here is a selection.

Groin Stretch: from a sitting position with your legs bent, put the soles of your feet together in front of you close to your pelvis. Keep your back and head straight; spring slowly your legs expanding gradually the execution, trying to push your knees towards the ground. You can help yourself by holding your feet together you’re your hands. Duration: 40 seconds

Quads Stretch: from a standing position with both legs straight close to each other, bend one leg backward and hold your foot with your two hands (or use one hand for support). Gently pull towards your butt; you should feel a light stretch on your quad. Remember to keep a straight position with your whole body and head whilst doing this exercise. Duration: 15 seconds each leg

Hamstring & Back Stretch: this exercise will stretch your lower back, the piriformis (deep muscle from your butt) and the biceps femoris (hamstring). Starting from the same position as the quads stretch, gently bring one knee close to your chest. Hold your knee with both hands and help get it closer to your chest. Duration: 15 seconds each leg

Calf Stretch: from a standing position, place one foot behind the other. Bend your front foot whilst keeping the back leg straight. Lean forward slightly and keep the sole of both feet on the ground, pointing ahead. Duration: 15 seconds each leg

Below your running/walking training routine for this week ?

RUNNER – Target 5 min 30 secs per Km (8 min 51 sec per mile)

– 35 minutes of steady running, with the last 10 in progression

WALKER – Target 53 minutes

– 50 minutes of brisk walking. After 35 minutes, start jogging for 5 minutes. From the 40th to the 45th minute keep walking; jog for the last 5 minutes of the session

Watch the video with the stretching exercises below ?