5.30 Brighton: Training Tip 4

Fourth week of fitness tips in preparation for the 5.30 Brighton event in July!

First, we share a set of simple exercises to improve your legs strength and cardio with some stairs workouts. These exercises will engage your lower body muscles including glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves.

Don’t be afraid if you can’t find big steps like the ones in the video, you can use any type of stairs.

Before starting the stairs workout, jog for a few minutes to warm up (5-10 minutes), then try the sequence of exercises and repeat up to three times. In between exercises walk back down the stairs and rest for a few seconds.

If you feel any ache or pain whilst exercising, stop the workout straightaway: it’s better to do less today and rest, than having days off training due to an injury.

The 5 Stairs Exercises – watch the video at the end of the post ?

  • Sprint up the stairs
  • Skip a step (or two)
  • Squat jumps – two or three steps
  • Single leg hop, once with the right leg and once with the left one
  • Alternate leg hop (two hops per leg)

Tip: always start slowly and gradually build up

Following the stairs workout, you can pass on to your running or walking session:

RUNNER – Target 5 min 30 sec per Km (8 min 51 sec per mile)

–     35 minutes of steady running (you should be able to talk easily)

WALKER – Target 53 minutes

–         45 minutes of brisk walking, without interruption

Have a great training session!

Team 5.30

Play the video below ?