5.30 Brighton: Training Tip 3

Today we’ll focus on three simple exercises that will help improve your running/walking technique, speed, form and coordination.

Start with a few minutes of walking or jogging to warm up. Then move on to each exercise, slowly increasing the speed of the movements when comfortable.

When watching the video, pay particular attention to the movement of the arms and to the upper body position; both are key to keep your balance.


This exercise consists of a run with very short steps. The objective is… drum roll please… to keep your knees high. This should be a fast, light movement, so focus on springing off again as soon as once your foot strikes the ground.

Butt Kicks

Quite simply, try touch your butt with your heels! Start by putting your hands behind you so you have something to aim for, once the movement feels more natural, move your hands away. To maintain good balance & stop the natural temptation to lean forward during this exercise focus on maintaining a straight upper body, with shoulders back. Build the pace once you’ve mastered the movement…this should leave you out of breath.

Sideways Walk

This is a very good exercise to improve hip flexibility and overall coordination.

The aim is to move left in a sideways direction, lead with your left leg out to the side, then bring your right leg across in front, left leg to the side again, and right leg across but this time behind.

It sounds trickier than it is!

Watch the training tip video below ?


Now that you are warmed up, you can start the running or walking training to help you reach your goal. Similarly to the last exercise, this time we increase the number of variations shortening the recovery time.

RUNNER – Target 5 min 30 secs per Km (8 min 51 sec per mile)

– 1 set = 1-minute fast pace running then 1-minute jogging

– 5 sets, 2 minutes rest, 5 sets, 2 minutes rest, 5 sets

WALKER – Target 53 minutes

– 1 set = 1-minute jogging then 1-minute brisk walking

– 5 sets, 2 minutes rest, 5 sets, 2 minutes rest, 5 sets