5.30 Brighton: Training Tip 1

Raise your hand if you are as excited as us about this weekend’s British Summer Time. With longer, and hopefully warmer, days ahead we thought to share some tips with you to prep for the 5.30 event this July.

We start by setting a couple of targets. For runners, to run your 5.30 event at a pace of 5min 30sec per km (8 min 51 sec per mile); for walkers to walk it within 53 minutes.

Premise: we aren’t fitness coaches and we won’t share training plans but we have years of experience in athletics and running : ) Alternatively, if you feel you need more encouragement and help we advise to get in touch with one of your local fitness and running coaches.

Target 5’ 30’’ for runners

And if you already run at a faster pace than this? That’s great but you might still find our tips on core stability, running technique, weight bearing and flexibility exercises useful.

Target 53 minutes for walkers

And if you took an hour plus to finish last year’s event? Perfect, the second target is for you! Tackling the 5.30 event with a brisk walk will allow you and your friends to still enjoy the 5.30 experience and have more time for the delicious breakfast at the end.

What do you need to start?

All you need is a pair of trainers, half an hour to spare and a mobile phone. It’s even better if you can find a training partner. Training together with someone you know is great; it’s proven that having accountability, particularly with a training buddy, can help cement your daily plan, it also means you get fit whilst having a good time. If you’d prefer to be your own training buddy, all the following exercises can be done by yourself too.

TIP: On the first day listen to your body, you’ll need to assess your fitness level. To find the right pace or training rhythm, you should be able to easily chat with your training partner.

Target 5’ 30’’

–     1 set = 1 minute fast pace run then 1 minute jog

–     5 sets, 3 minutes rest, 5 sets


Target 53 minutes

–       1 set = 1 minute jog then 1 minute brisk walk

–       3 sets, 5 minutes rest, 3 sets, 5 minutes rest, 3 sets


Are you ready? Gooooo!!!!


Team 5.30